Spanish Culture

Why Vacation In Spain | Spanish Culture

Why Vacation in Spain | Spanish Culture Not sure where to go for vacation? Well, Spain could be the perfect destination if you are looking for fantastic attractions, interesting sights, vibrant entertainment and night life, history, Spanish culture and recreation such as golfing, swimming and hiking, to name a few.  The only problem you may […]

Flamenco In Spain

Where to Find Real Flamenco in Spain

Where to Find Real Flamenco in Spain Perhaps no art form is more strongly associated with Spain than flamenco. The powerfully seductive, rhythmic music of the flamenco player, matched by the vigorously impassioned movements of the flamenco dancer, beguiles tourists and native Spaniards alike. Its origins steeped in mystery, its complexities and subtleties widely misunderstood, […]

Travel Insurance Questions

Your Travel Insurance Questions Answered

Your Travel Insurance Questions Answered There are a lot of misconceptions related to travel insurance, and understandably most people aren’t as well versed in the fine details of travel insurance as I am – I can’t say that I blame them! However, many misconceptions put people at risk of spending unnecessary amounts of money on […]