3 Holiday Alternatives to Buying a Timeshare

3 Holiday Alternatives to Buying a Timeshare

A Timeshare can be messy, complicated and potentially a huge burden depending on the terms they were brokered on. Although they were once seen as a go-to holiday, many have strived to break free of them. If you or someone you know is struggling with their Timeshare, or you’d like to be more informed, sites like Timeshare Consumer Association are there to help.

As Timeshares are rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and with the sheer complexity of them hidden in the small print, it’s no wonder many people look for more modern alternatives. Here are a few to get you started!


For those who like to flirt with the idea of a nomadic holiday, camping and caravanning can be the perfect introduction. Whether you opt for a static caravan, multi-pod tent with power or a single tent, there are so many ways to have the camping experience be the one for you.


When it comes to camping, you really can choose exactly how you’d like your experience to be. You have a choice of the campsite, the way you’d like to camp or caravan, and the huge variety of tents, caravans and accessories to make your experience perfect for you. It’s always worth checking out guides on what to expect if it’ll be your first camping adventure!

Renting Holiday Home/Villa

Perhaps one of the most comfortable holiday choices, where you can be in a home away from home, or live a life entirely different to your own. Often these places are luxury, with private pools, great access to local towns/cities, and have all the essentials to living a luxury few weeks in a gorgeous location. Many villas are absolutely stunning, situated in the same sunkissed countries that most Timeshares occupy.

These are often self contained and independent, a stark contrast to Timeshares as they’re often connected to resorts, and many shared facilities.


When it comes to living adventurously, and not having a fixed location for the duration of your (usually extended) stay, a nomadic holiday is not one for the fainthearted, although it can be an experience that changes someone forever. The sound of lodging, hostels, short stays in hotels and motels may terrify some, and fiercely inspire others. But the freedom of exploration, travelling, discovering new and obscure places, alongside meeting people from all across the globe; it can make the most settled of people want to start packing a bag.

For a better insight into a nomadic holiday, there are an incredible amount of nomadic blogs and websites such as Nomadic Matt, who document their experiences and give massive amounts of advice to those who want to know more!

When it comes to finding the ideal alternative to a Timeshare, you’ll likely want to be sure to take any elements you’d like about a Timeshare and ensure that they’re included in your new choice. Often the appeal would be the convenience of having a destination secured, of which many booking agencies and websites can organise far in advance.

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